Proactive Culture

Our proactive culture seeks to create an environment where creativity and efficiency are priority, open communication is a virtue, and our employees enjoy a higher quality of life both on and off the job.

Proactive Culture, the Spirit of Hankook

At Hankook, we firmly understand that the company’s success has stemmed from the efforts of our determined and passionate employees. Since our founding in 1941, every employee who has worked with the company has represented a special part of that history. Our proactive leaders have built a strong foundation by readily accepting new challenges and sharing best practice instead of settling for the status quo. This is the unique proactive culture of Hankook.

Hankook believes that long-term sustainable growth is created through the growth and development of its employees. Born from our systematic approach to build a culture that blends "professionalism" and "active mind-set," the "proactive" culture is generating Hankook’s proactive leaders of today and tomorrow with exciting stories of success and endeavour.

Proactive Culture

This is the corporate culture of Hankook which has grown based on the entrepreneurial spirit of challenge and innovation.

Proactive Leaders

This means the members of Hankook who are familiar with creativity, initiative and open communication based on the proactive culture.


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