Building Sustainable Future

By cultivating win-win relationships, Hankook has been able to achieve healthy and sustainable growth. We respect all stakeholders and support shared opportunities, which leads to a prosperous, sustainable future.

Environmental Sustainability

Hankook exhausts all efforts to preserve and protect the environment for the next generation. We take this responsibility seriously and command a leading role in preserving the environment through in-depth lifecycle research. This enables us to practice sustainable management more methodically and create plans for the sustainable growth of the company.

Stakeholder Responsibility

Hankook is making efforts to reinforce communication and trust with active stakeholders, and we pride ourselves in developing mutual growth through community involvement. Over the past 80 years, Hankook has implemented internal communication programs and encouraged open discussions and group activities to develop strong bonds in employee relations, placing top priority to the health and safety of our employees.

Our pursuit of mutual growth with our partners–including chain stores, individual car owners, and car makers–is strong. Our aim is to reinforce shared cooperation with interested parties to achieve our mission of "Contribute to Advancement in Driving."

The Hankook Family

The Hankook family employs over 21,000 people in over 30 nations worldwide, all of whom share pride and passion for their workplace. At Hankook, we respect diversity and provide systematic support for the creation of a pleasant and healthy workplace environment to enhance employee satisfaction and value. Our highly effective training programs and mentoring system for new employees help them adjust to the workplace quickly and pleasantly. In addition, the firm runs a variety of career management programs designed to assist employees to sharpen their competitive edge and increase their overall skills.

Proactive Leadership

Hankook nurtures employees with active support and encouragement to become proactive leaders with a sense of ownership and capacity to take action. These core values are key to a forward-thinking culture, and serve as an integral part of Hankook’s growth in global markets. Our position as a proactive leader in the mobility industry stems from providing employees with a common set of priorities which encompasses passion, innovation, trust, and global competencies.


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