Our Growth Strategy

We have built a solid foundation of unsurpassable growth and from that basis we are steadily expanding through anticipating the future of the automotive industry worldwide and executing an optimal strategy to match the opportunities that lie ahead.

'Moving Forward 2025'

We are ranked fifth in tyre production capacity and sixth in sales internationally, with 30 branches and five research institutes around the world. This is a result of Hankook’s spirit of challenge, commitment, and hard work. Without breaking stride, the goal of Hankook is to lead the world’s driving industry, and become a major global player through our “Moving Forward 2025.”

Capitalising on Economies of Scale

Hankook has maximised economies of scale based on large, strategically located factories worldwide. The firm operates large-scale production operations in four nations: Korea, China, Hungary and Indonesia to supply products efficiently to over 180 nations. Hankook has expanded our production facilities in Daejeon and Geumsan, making them the world’s largest tyre production facilities.

With an aim to make the rapidly advancing Chinese market into another “home market” in terms of replicating the success achieved in Korea, our production facility there serves as a centrepiece for maintaining a strong position in the ever-changing region. Our plants in Hungary and Indonesia also laid the foundation to enter and thrive in new markets in the EU and ASEAN. In addition, we upgraded our supply chain management system to provide customers with the products they want, anytime and anywhere. This has served as the basis for Hankook’s sustainable growth.

Brand Value Focus for Mature Markets, Market Share Growth for Emerging Markets

Customising strategies for each market is the key principle Hankook has adhered to for the last 80 years and it has proved its worth. As a relative newcomer in many markets, we are expanding our presence and enhancing our brand value through quality products and an aggressive investment strategy, while our aim in emerging markets is to increase market share where there is high potential for rapid economic development. Our plan is to expand production in regions where high demand is forecast, and foster long-term regional economic development and market dominance.

Raising Capital Expenditure

Strategic facility and R&D investment is the driving force behind the sustainable growth of Hankook, and our top-quality products and productive operations are the direct result. In line with this strategy, we launched production and R&D expansion at plants in Indonesia and China in 2012, and recently announced a plan to build a new R&D facility in Daejeon which shows the company’s commitment to technological leadership. In addition, we are making aggressive investment in both tangible and intangible assets such as upgraded integrated global management systems and increased human capacity.


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