Refining Our Competitiveness

At Hankook, our aim is to strengthen our position to become a leading global tyre company. We will achieve this through expanding our global brand presence and technological capability, and through a highly efficient organisational structure which maximises efficiency and environmental sustainability.

A Premium Global Brand

Hankook began as an aspiring tyre maker in Korea in 1941. Over 80 years later, our company has grown into a world-class tyre brand which is competing strongly in the global market and forming partnerships with the world’s premium automakers. To expand our business presence in global markets beyond standard industry practices to raise brand value, we are driving aggressive marketing and communications activities through impactful motorsports sponsorship, sports marketing, and participation in motor shows.

More Accessible to Customers

Hankook continues to make efforts to provide the right service to customers across the world, and has launched the “T’Station” retail chain to provide drivers with comprehensive automotive services. Learning from our experience in the challenging Korean market, we have expanded our distribution brand “Hankook Masters” to showcase our top-notch service in global markets. Above all, our efficient retail network promptly serves our customers in a convenient and timely manner.

Cutting Edge Technology

At Hankook, we have rigidly adhered to maintaining the highest quality standards. To that end, we have built R&D centres in five strategic locations: Korea, the U.S., Japan, China and Germany to focus on developing top-quality tyres for both advanced and emerging automotive markets. Furthermore, we have kept our promise to continue investing in R&D regardless of global economic crises, and recently unveiled our plan for a new central research institute signalling a new level of quality achievement. Due to our strong R&D commitment, our tyres have achieved strong reviews from the world’s most prestigious tyre publications, raising our status as the world’s sixth-largest tyre company.

In addition to quality, service and brand value, interest in green issues in the tyre industry has been growing and environmental regulations on tyre performance tests, such as fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise level, are now being made public. Hankook rigorously abides by international environmental regulations and has adopted a global tyre performance labelling system so customers can evaluate the quality of our products and our commitment to environmental awareness.

Global Matrix Organisation for Future Growth

The key to high quality services worldwide lies in the synergy created between the global headquarters and each of our regional headquarters. At Hankook, we operate a global matrix system which allows regional head offices to organically put strategies into practice and maximise synergistic effects. In this system, global headquarters provides strategic leadership while the local offices formulate customised regional strategies to provide differentiated products and services in each market. The global headquarters integrates the global management system and standardises the infrastructure process, while each local office performs independent functions with its own customised production, sales and logistics systems. Hankook is highly efficient and excels in this organisational structure sales, and is committed to strengthening this system to ensure full customer satisfaction in every market.


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