Hankook is always listening to customers for the right tyre and the right service.

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  • 1 CorporateWhat is the status of Hankook in the research and development area so far? How do Hankook train qualified personnel and run research and development?

    Innovation through technology is one of the primary factors that will drive Hankook’s growth and help it become a leading global company.

    - We consistently invest 5% of our revenue in R&D every year, und 6% of HANKOOK employees work in R&D.
    Our global technology expertise is strategically applied at a local level through R&D centres (Korea, China, Germany, Japan and the US) to help us produce tyres that meet the demands of consumers, as well as the weather and road conditions in different regions.

  • 2 CorporateWhat will Hankook be doing to increase brand awareness and preference?

    For Hankook, the following activities are under way to raise brand awareness and preference:

    Expansion of OE business to raise the brand recognition. Focus on supplying tyres to well-known overseas vehicle manufacturers. New and additional supply contracts with prominent vehicle manufacturers are expected in the second half of this year.
    Participation in renowned overseas motor sport competitions. Participation in events held in such places as Germany, UK, Italy, US and Japan. In addition, Hankook is actively taking part in worldwide automotive fairs.
    Enhancement of brand value and awareness through leading overseas automotive magazines’ tyre performance tests. An objective quality evaluation is an underlying value that raises brand profile especially for worldwide consumers.

  • 3 ProductIn which direction do you have to expand your product line-up to be successful in the future? What are the future trends as far as tyres are concerned?

    Technological innovation is driving trends for better products, not only limited to high performance tyres. Hankook has developed and improved many tyre technologies which are protected by patent and have contributed to increasing the brand’s reputation. The company’s range of complex high-performance tyres is being continually expanded and receiving more and more positive feedback and awards as “best in class” from major automotive magazines. This includes the creation of a virtual design system to draft and evaluate tyres more precisely, as well as other technologies like:
    - Technology for optimum tread design in order to develop very lightweight and fuel-efficient as well as ecological tyres.
    - Technology for predicting tyre movement.
    - Advanced materials technology.

    Hankook is concentrating more and more on the development of advanced tyre technologies with a high added value, further distinguishing the brand from its competitors and meeting demands for high-quality tyres with an improved performance. We are also placing more efforts in environmental friendly and run-flat tyres, reflecting the growing demands from both consumers and OE manufacturers. Hankook is planning to launch environmentally friendly tyres which raise fuel efficiency and are a good match for OE hybrid cars.

  • 4 ServiceWhat sort of service do you provide to customers and end consumers?

    Service is of the utmost importance to us and we are constantly striving to improve customer service. We have AS personnel in 30 cities to provide services when and where they’re needed. In addition, we guarantee our customers service within 48 hours, no matter where they are.

    Hankook also carries out regular TBR safety inspections to guarantee the safety of our customers, with our hotline offering fast advice and service.

  • 5 CorporateEnvironment protection was one of the most important issues at the 2008 Olympics. Has Hankook got any plans to introduce "green tyres"?

    This is a global trend, and environmental concerns have been very relevant to the tyre industry for a number of years and are an area which Hankook has a strong commitment to. We are continuing to invest in environmentally friendly technologies and innovations that can be applied across and integrated into all our tyre products as well as adopting more environmentally friendly practices at both our production facilities and regional offices.

    Hankook is now building a strong reputation in this area, and in Europe, for example, Stiftung Warentest magazine recognized the Optimo K715 as the most environmentally friendly in its class. Our concerted efforts into specialized environmental friendly and run-flat tyres reflect the growing demands from both consumers throughout the world and, importantly, OE manufacturers.

  • 6 CorporateIn terms of Hankook branding, what does “Driving Emotion” mean? Will this slogan remain and be used in advertising messages?

    Driving Emotion refers to the emotional experience of drivers when driving a vehicle with tyres from Hankook – whether that’s feeling safe and secure because of the grip and control of our tyres or being relaxed and having a comfortable journey.

  • 7 How to buyHow can I place a bulk order for Hankook products?

    Click onto our global network page on our website, and then make an inquiry to the person responsible or visit the Q&A page for the respective region. We will then promptly respond to your inquiry.

    To all sales enquiries please call (02) 9870 1200.

  • 8 ProductWhat is the challenge in developing tyres for the different regional markets? Is it necessary to have different types of tyres for different regions?

    Yes, because different regions have different prevailing weather and road conditions as well as consumer demands – the comfort of the drive is most important in Korea whereas control is more important in Europe (along with environmental concerns of course – but this is across all markets). One of the strategic advantages of Hankook is that we apply our global technology at a regional and local level across five R&D centres located world-wide. This also, of course, has the inverse effect, allowing innovations from the regional market to feedback into products developed throughout the world. In terms of challenges, cost could hold back other companies in gearing up to have a regionalization of tyre development. However, we see this cost being outweighed by the huge benefits of ensuring we are providing the best technology suited to the region; cost will never compromise our pursuit to produce and develop quality, high performing tyres.


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