Road Hazard Warranty

A unique feature of Hankook’s Ventus tyre range covering your tyres damaged by road hazards for up to one year from the date of purchase. (*conditions apply)


Hankook will replace a range of Ventus tyres which are damaged by road hazards

You’ve made the right decision by choosing Hankook Tyres. The last thing you want is for your quality tyres to be damaged by road hazards. You shouldn’t be worried about bearing the costs of dangers outside of your control such as potholes, nails and debris.
We want you back on the road and we want you to stay there for longer. This is why we offer a replacement warranty at no extra cost for a range of Ventus tyres, as a thank you for purchasing Hankook. Be one with it.

Terms & Conditions

Hankook Tyre Road Hazard Warranty Criteria
Hankook Tyre Australia will warrant a Hankook tyre against road hazards, within the first 12 months of tyre use (conditions apply).

  1. 1. Customer Claims Conditions
    1. 1) Warranty is effective for all purchases from 1st November 2014.
    2. 2) Tread must be no more than 25% worn from manufacturer new tread depth specifications.
    3. 3) Claim must be made within one year from the purchase date, accompanied by an original customer invoice, including customer details set out below.
    4. 4) Hankook Tyre Australia reserves the right to inspect a claimed tyre(s), to assess eligibility, and to contact a customer to verify the claim.
    5. 5) Tyres must be purchased through authorised Hankook Tyre Australia dealers.
    6. 6)Damage caused by mechanical and wheel alignment issues, inflation other than that stated on the vehicle placard including over/underinflation, vandalism, competition/racing or commercial and taxi use is not covered.
    7. 7) Hankook Tyre Australia reserves the right to reject a claim based on the tyre not meeting any or all of the above criteria.
    8. 8) The Ventus Road Hazard Warranty is different to the Original Equipment Guarantee.
  2. 2. Inclusion/exclusions

    All Hankook Ventus branded tyres covered under this Road Hazard warranty, excluding:

    1. 1) Original equipment tyres – the original equipment tyres on a vehicle.
    2. 2) Runflat tyres.
    3. 3) Competition tyres (including but not limited to F200, Z206, Z207, Z221, Z214, Z209, Z210, Z213, R201, R202, R203, R204, SR10).
  3. 3. Requirements

    In the event of a customer claim, AND TO AVOID FRAUDULENT CLAIMS, the following criteria must be met by the dealer submitting the claim:

    1. 1) Tread must be no more than 25% worn from new.
    2. 2) Claim must be made within one year from the purchase date listed on invoice.
    3. 3) Claim must be accompanied by original customer invoice, containing all the following information:
      1. A. Customer name and address, and purchase date
      2. B. Customer contact details (phone and/or email)
      3. C. Customer vehicle make, model and mileage
      4. D. Hankook tyre pattern, size and pressures (if applicable)
    4. 4) Note that minor repairs to the tyre are permitted in accordance with the Australian Tyre Repair Standard. Claim is only valid if the tyre is unserviceable (eg: unable to be repaired by a minicombi-repair). A tyre with more than one penetration will require replacement. The Warranty covers tyres that are no longer useable due to road hazard damage.
    5. 5) Claims may be rejected if the above criteria is not met, or recommended tyre care guidelines are not followed.
    6. 6) Warranty is effective for all purchases from 1st November 2014. Tyres purchased before 1st November 2014 may be eligible for the supplanted Hankook Road Hazard Replacement Guarantee.
  4. 4. Dealer information

    Assess the above criteria regarding the validity of the claim. Dealers are recommended to assure and provide customer satisfaction. A legitimate and successful claim should result in the following:

    1. 1) A new tyre with the same size and pattern being fitted to the customer’s vehicle free of charge.
      1. A.If not in stock, arrange for same-day delivery where possible.
      2. B. Dealer to retain the claimed tyre for assessment by a Hankook representative.
    2. 2) Taxes, service charges, fitting, balancing and scrap fees to be covered by dealer. No charge is to be passed on to the customer for these services.
  5. 5. Dealer Claim Process
    1. 1) Lodge a claim with your Hankook representative on a Hankook Tyre Claim form for the cost price of the tyre. Forms can be supplied by your Hankook representative.
    2. 2) Hankook will advise of the outcome and if claim is successful; HTA will issue a credit note to dealer account, which will appear on the monthly Hankook statement.
NOTE TO DEALERS: To eliminate fraudulent claims, no warranty claim will be approved without customer contact information, and meeting the above criteria.


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