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Hankook Tire to Support FIA Formula 3 European Championship as an Official Tire Supplier

  • - 2015 marks the fourth consecutive year that Hankook Tire has served as an official tire supplier for FIA Formula 3 European Championship
  • - Hankook Tire will showcase its enhanced racing tires developed exclusively for FIA Formula 3 European Championship

April 8, 2015 (Seoul, Korea) – Hankook Tire marks its fourth anniversary as an official tire supplier of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship. The start of this year’s competition will take place at Silverstone and run from April 10 to 12. The race will feature 35 drivers from 17 countries and will involve up to 35 different racing vehicles. As an official tire supplier, Hankook Tire offers its quality-enhanced racing tires to the most talented up-and-coming drivers who will compete for the title of the European Championship on a circuit more challenging than any before.

Best known as a support race for the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), the FIA Formula 3 European Championship is held annually in rotating European locations and is the world’s largest F3 motorsports race. World class F1 drivers like Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettlel and Lewis Hamilton have all started at Formula 3, which was raised to a higher level competition in 2013 with the incorporation of the F3 Euro Series and the British F3.

As part of its 5-year contract since 2012 supporting the most prominent F3 competition, Hankook Tire will serve as an official tire supplier – providing different types of the increased potential of the further-developed Ventus racing tires: Ventus F200 (successful Ventus Race Formula slick), and Ventus Z207 (exclusive use on wet surface).

“Keeping with our history as the main sponsor of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship, Hankook Tire has focused on the development of racing tires exclusively tailored to Formula 3 racing conditions. Our latest racing tires features the ultimate in top technology specifically designed considering F3’s technical and sporting FIA regulations. Hankook Tire constantly invests in research and development to offer experience to Ventus road drivers developed based on our racing technology.” said Cho Hyun Bum, Hankook Tire Chief Marketing Officer.

Hankook Tire is an active participant in a number of prominent motorsports sponsorship activities, giving the company an excellent platform to introduce its leading technology and high quality products. Hankook Tire currently serves as the official sponsor and the exclusive tire supplier for a number of high profile international motorsports events including DTM, and the 24 Hour Series.


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