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Welcome to the Hankook Tire press room, where you can access the latest news on Hankook Tire and our industry.

Welcome to the Hankook Tire press room, where you can access the latest news on Hankook Tire and our industry.
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Enjoy enfren in a greater variety of sizes~!

Enjoy enfren in a greater variety of sizes~!
Hankook Tire showcase expanded size offering of fuel-efficient, environment-friendly tire, enfren

Positive response to 2007 launch of enfren, Korea’s first fuel-efficient, environment-friendly tire, leads to diverse size offering
After winning Korea’s 2008 Green Product Award, enfren’s superior fuel performance and eco-friendliness is certified by Japan’s Green Purchasing Law

[January 13, 2009, Seoul] Hankook Tire (www.hankooktire.com), the seventh-largest and one of the fastest growing tire manufacturers in the world, announced additional size offerings of enfren, Korea’s first fuel-efficient and environment-friendly tire. First launched in 2007 with three sizes, enfren will now be available in an additional 14 sizes. The full-line up of 17 sizes will accommodate almost all passenger car models on the market.

Hankook Tire introduced the new enfren sizes to dealers in Gyeongju, Daejeon and Seoul on January 9, 12 and 13. Approximately 400 dealers from around the country attended the New Year meetings to learn about Hankook Tire’s 2009 sales strategy, additional sizes for enfren, and recognize top-performing dealers. The meeting served as an occasion to share the company’s goals and key strategies with dealers as well as to reinforce commitment to customer-oriented service. Hankook reaffirmed its determination to solidify its position as the number one tire manufacturer in Korea by strengthening sales activities in 2009.

Hankook Tire developed enfren over two and a half years with an investment of KRW11 billion. Unveiled in 2007, the tire boasts higher fuel efficiency than ordinary tires and a sharp reduction in CO2 emission. It combines a number of technologies including a special silica compound and structural design to reduce the tire's rolling resistance by 21%. A fuel efficiency test* on a car traveling at 110km/h, regarded as the best speed for optimizing fuel efficiency, showed a 16% drop in fuel consumption, which means savings of KRW410,000 in annual fuel costs. Additionally, CO2 emission is slashed by 4.1g for each kilometer traveled. Assuming a distance of 200,000km traveled over a ten-year period, the reduction in CO2 comes to 820kg, equivalent to the amount absorbed by 146 trees in a year. enfren derived its name from the words ‘environment friendly’ and allows for a quiet, controlled and comfortable driving experience.

Lee Su-il, Vice President of Marketing at Hankook Tire, said, “The fuel-efficient and environment friendly enfren has been received very favorably with the recent emphasis on the fuel economy and pollution effects of tires. The positive response of customers since enfren was first introduced in 2007 led us to showcase an expanded size offering. We hope to deliver greater value to consumers who favor economical and rational choices through enfren, which represents a completion of the Kontrol Technology** development cycle.”

Hankook Tire is gaining recognition around the world for its strong environmental technology. In May 2008, the all-season tire Optimo 4S obtained the Blue Angel mark given by Germany’s Federal Environment Agency. The Optimo 4S is currently the only tire in the world to be Blue Angel-certified. Additionally, Hankook Tire received the Swan-Ecolabel in 2004 from SIS Ecolabelling AB, part of the Nordic Ecolabelling, for the Winter I*pike (W409) and Winter I*cept (W605) tires.

※About Green Product Awards

Presented by the Korea Management Association Registrations & Assessment (KMAR), the Green Product Awards are given to the leading domestic product and service brands through a nationwide online survey of men and women over the age of 20. The frontrunners in each industry from the online survey are subject to a stringent onsite inspection before the final winners are selected. Hankook Tire’s enfren was the overwhelming leader in the tire category in the 2008 online poll. In particular, enfren received high marks for fuel efficiency as an ISO test in Europe showed that enfren lowers rolling resistance by 21%, resulting in enhanced mileage.

※ About Japan’s Green Purchasing Law

The law encourages the Japanese public sector, including the government, to promote the procurement of eco-friendly goods.

※ Fuel efficiency test

NF Sonata driven at a speed of 110km/h (speed for maximizing fuel saving).

※ Kontrol Technology

Hankook Tire’s unique research and development philosophy that focuses on achieving ‘perfect control’ of the interaction between driver, car and road through the tire’s movement. The objective is to provide consumers with maximum benefit in terms of comfort, handling, power, safety and environmental impact.

During the New Year meeting with dealers, Hankook Tire showcased the wider range of size offerings for enfren, its fuel-efficient, environment friendly tire. rom April to September. The final race will be held in Macau in November.


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