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Welcome to the Hankook Tire press room, where you can access the latest news on Hankook Tire and our industry.

Welcome to the Hankook Tire press room, where you can access the latest news on Hankook Tire and our industry.
Date07/11/2016 Hits28,295


Hankook Tire introduces new all-season Truck Tires, SmartFlex AH35 and SmartFlex DH35 for regional transport

  • - Hankook Tire launches all-season truck tires, SmartFlex AH35 for steer axle and SmartFlex DH35 for drive axle
  • - The all-season tires, honored with the 2016 Red Dot Design Award, boast high fuel efficiency and powerful traction

July 11, 2016 (Seoul, Korea) – Hankook Tire announced the introduction of SmartFlex AH35 and DH35 in European market. The upgraded all-season tires are the newest expansion to Hankook Tire's SmartFlex, TBR line up of Hybrid segment tire for multi purposes. The new models were recently honored with the Red Dot Award. While SmartFlex AH35 is designed for steer axle and DH35 for drive axle, AH35 is also fit for all positions. With the SmartFlex AH35 and SmartFlex DH35, fleet operators and freight companies will profit from the increased fuel-efficiency, high mileage and powerful traction.

The multi-3D sipes anchored in the tread of the SmartFlex AH35 provides outstanding traction. The combination of straight and wave-shaped grooves improve water run-off and sustainably prevent the occurrence of aquaplaning. Thanks to the M+S marking and the 3-PMSF snowflake symbol, the steer axle tire is optimally equipped for all winter weather conditions, such as slush, ice and snow, without neglecting the summer properties. The stiffness of the tread blocks promotes exceptionally fuel-efficient operation. The special tread design also supports even tire wearout thereby sustainably reducing the total cost of ownership for fleet operators and freight companies in terms of service life. The high mileage and performance of the tires are guaranteed by a wide contact area. The SmartFlex AH35 is now available.

Like AH35, the SmartFlex DH35 drive axle tire is also outfitted with the M+S marking and the snow flake symbol. Furthermore, the model also covers a wide contact area with four zig-zag groove lines across the whole tread surface, which results in increased mileage and driving performance in various road and traffic conditions. In addition, the 3D sipes ensure strong traction and low rolling resistance. The innovative tread surface sipe design supports low rolling resistance and traction capacities of the drive axle tire in road traffic. The SmartFlex DH35 will be available soon.


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