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Welcome to the Hankook Tire website. Here you can see frequently asked questions about the products and services provided by Hankook Tire.

Welcome to the Hankook Tire website. 
Here you can see frequently asked questions about the products and services provided by Hankook Tire.
  • 1 FinanceDescribe Hankook Tire’s global sales network.


    Operates 2,200 dealerships.

    Operates various types of dealerships (T-Station, Tire Town, The Tire Shop, TBX) according to varying customer taste.


    Operates same distribution brand as Korea.

    With increased service demand centered among premium customers in large cities, focus is placed on broadening and increasing the quality of the distribution network.


    Increase market dominance through retail channels.

    Bost retail channel network by operating Hankook Masters Membership.

    Improve distribution service by establishing local distribution centers.

    North America

    With increased market share of large discount chains and car sales dealer channels, strengthen communication with these channels.

    Central/South America, etc.

    Increase and strengthen Hankook Tire’s sales distribution network by operating Red Hankook Membership.

    Increase brand value based on utilization of premium retail distribution networks and increase profitability by boosting sales of high-end products.

  • 2 FinanceWhat is the current status of Hankook Tire’s R&D?

    Including the Daejeon R&D Center, Hankook Tire operates:
    ① Europe Technical Center
    ② Akron Technical Center (US)
    ③ China Technical Center
    ④ Japan Technical Office

    Hankook Tire invests approximately 5% of sales into R&D. 6% of its employees work in R&D.

  • 3 FinanceWhere are Hankook Tire’s local headquarters located?

    There are 4 local headquarters: Korea, China, Europe and the US.

  • 4 FinanceWhat is Hankook Tire’s mission?

    Hankook Tire aims to contribute to the quality of living and the development of society by providing a safe, comfortable and happy driving environment with its slogan ‘Contribute to Advancement in Driving.

  • 5 FinanceWhat are Hankook Tire’s core values?

    Under the motto ‘Proactive,’ Hankook Tire adheres to the following 4 core values:
    ① Passion
    ② Revolution
    ③ Customer-oriented
    ④ Global

  • 6 FinanceWhat is the total number of Hankook Tire employees?

    There are over 16,000 employees at Hankook Tire, including 6,000 in Korea, 8,000 in China, 2,000 in Europe, 200 in the US and 200 in other regions.

  • 7 ServicesHow can I find out when the tire was manufactured?

    You will find a similar marking as below on the tire's sidewall.
     DOT 5MCK FY H 0109  (For a detailed diagram go to Tires & Services > Tire Guide > Exterior Properties)

     * 09: Manufactured year. 2009
     * 01: Manufactured week .01
     * The manufactured date is found on one side of the sidewall.

    When the date cannot be seen, the date is likely on the other side (under the vehicle).
    This can be confirmed by detaching the tire and checking the marking.

  • 8 ServicesThere's a bulge in my tire's sidewall.

    ☞ Cause
    Failure to slow down when there are road obstacles, curbstones and roadworks can cause the cord fabric inside the tire to rupture and create a bulge.

    ☞ Prevention
    Avoid uneven spots and obstacles on road when driving.
    Reduce speed when driving through roadworks or curbstones.
    Maintain an ideal inflation pressure as bulges tend to occur when the pressure is too high or too low.

  • 9 ServicesWhy are tires black?

    The reason why tires are black is linked to their durability.
    Depending on their use and properties, tires are composed of various materials and not just rubber. However, a crucial ingredient is carbon black which is a black powder produced by combusting hydrocarbon.
    Carbon black is mixed with rubber particles for greater reinforcement and tires are black because they contain carbon black.

  • 10 ServicesWhat does UHP stand for?

    UHP stands for Ultra High Performance and refers to a tire meeting the following requirements.
     * Rim diameter : over 16 inches
     * Aspect ratio : under 55
     * Speed rating : over 'V'

  • 11 ServicesWhat does ZR stand for?

    A. ZR is only given to tires with a speed rating of over V.
     (*For more details, go to Tech Center> Tire Tech Guide>Tire Weight and Speed Markings)
     V rating 240km/h
     W rating 270km/h
     Y rating 300km/h
     Additionally, there may be differences in speed ratings even among the same product group depending on the tire size.

  • 12 Etc.What's the ideal tire inflation pressure for my car?

    The correct inflation is pressure is designated by the auto manufacturer.
    This can normally be found in the user manual, or on the door of the driver or front passenger.
    Raising the tire pressure by 10~20% over the normal level during the summer rainy season and high-speed driving helps to prevent hydroplaning and reduce uneven tire wear on dry roads.
    Tires with heavy wear can be slippery and dangerous when driving on wet roads.


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