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Proactive Workstyle

Hankook Tire & Technology works efficiently by implementing the Proactive Workstyle. We have created a work environment that increases value by immersing ourselves in work and eliminating unnecessary operations.

Hankook Tire & Technology works efficiently by implementing the Proactive Workstyle. We have created a work environment that increases value by immersing ourselves in work and eliminating unnecessary operations.

We have created a proactive culture of efficiently focusing on work by reducing unnecessary operations and wasteful work forms. All members of staff may propose creative ideas in an effort to further create an efficient environment and implement the Proactive Workstyle.

Proactive Fridays for Self-Planning and Execution

Once a month, Hankook Tire & Technology staff have a Friday where they can plan their own daily schedule. It is a day of opportunity to experience a variety of activities that can contribute to the creation of individual and organizational performance within the workplace. Staff are able to freely enjoy any activity that will help them communicate with their colleagues, develop themselves, or express their creative ideas.

On this Friday each month, Hankook Tire & Technology supports programs that allow staff to experience a variety of activities such as benchmarking other companies, driving experiences, and visiting exhibitions. In addition, we support employees in obtaining various insights related to work, such as knowledge sharing programs in which they set the topic and share their ideas. Thanks to Proactive Fridays, our team is able to have creative freedoms which will enable them to grow into proactive leaders with enterprising minds and open communication methods. We are creating endless ideas and better work results based on the experience and insights gained by freely investing our time in various activities and experiences. 


The Proactive Studio and Proactive Lab: Where everyone becomes the main subject of innovation

The Proactive Studio is an in-house idea proposal platform that allows members to freely propose ideas and execute them regardless of their field of work. All members of Hankook Tire & Technology can participate and proposed ideas are then passed on to company-wide implementation with feedback and review by our employees. 

Starting in 2018, 'Proactive Lab', a preliminary in-house venture organization, was established to help any person who proposed an idea, realize it. Excellent ideas are selected through company-wide employee voting and presentations to top management in the Proactive 1 Grand Prix. The people that proposed the top ideas are chosen as leaders that can select team members and develop their ideas further in the Proactive Lab. In the Proactive Lab, not only new business, but also research and development related tasks for new technology development are selected and operated.

Hankook Tire & Technology was selected as an in-house venture company operated by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in 2019 and is providing institutional support to enable access to new businesses by developing excellent ideas from the Proactive Lab into in-house ventures. The culture of proactively proposing new ideas and putting them into practice is the driving force of innovation that enables Hankook Tire & Technology to continue to grow.

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Proactive Awards lead to greater synergy

Hankook Tire drives synergy by sharing the value and achievements of employees. Hankook Tire's annual Proactive Awards gives prizes to individuals and teams which best demonstrate proactive leadership and achievement. Winners are selected from four categories including Leadership, Performance, Challenge, and Innovation, and are awarded cash prizes.

These highly regarded awards target employees worldwide and the achievements of the winners are shared through the company's diverse communication channels. The Proactive Awards motivate employees to achieve extraordinary outcomes and encourage all Hankook Tire team members to pursue and fulfill new goals.

Proactive Awards Categories

  • Leadership  :  An individual who greatly enhances the achievements of an organization and develops talented
    people through Proactive Leadership.
  • Performance      :   An employee who achieves great success.
  • Challenge  :   An employee who uses progressive thinking to conquer new challenges.
  • Innovation:   An employee who achieves valuable innovation.

Proactive Workstyle, Hankook Tire's Way Of Working

The Proactive Workstyle is the way Hankook Tire works to ensure that every employee can be an innovator in their field. To continue innovation in workstyle, Hankook Tire has conducted the 'Less for Better' campaign since 2016.

Through the 'Less for Better' campaign, which focuses on reducing unnecessary busy work and removing inefficiency in meeting and reporting culture, Hankook Tire's employees can focus on the core of their work and proceed efficiently. The reduced working time means employees have more time to devote to the creation of new ideas.

Through the Proactive Workstyle, Hankook Tire's members can personally grow and achieve the company's vision, 'The Future Driving Innovator' as well.


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