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Hankook Tire becomes 'The Future Driving Innovator' with Proactive Leaders.

Hankook Tire becomes 'The Future Driving Innovator' with Proactive Leaders.

Baek Seung-min

Global Headquarters PC Development Team

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Hankook Tire is my first job. I have experienced a wide range of development projects in the research center. I worked on the winter tire development team and at the Akron Technical Center in the U.S. Currently, I’m on the new vehicle tire development team. At university, I majored in naval architecture and ocean engineering. One may think those studies were far removed from tires, but what I learned in college indeed relates to what I am doing now. For example, I learned how to use CATIA design software, and that greatly helped me get up to speed with my work here.

My Work

My task is to develop new vehicle tires for automakers. What I do is use 3D design programs to determine and apply the optimum tire structure that satisfies the automotive industry’s demands for tire performance. Although my career is approaching a seven-year milestone, there still are many things to learn about tires. I encounter unexpected variables and solve them, and repeat the process often, as it usually takes two years to develop a tire for a vehicle. Nevertheless, I think I am fit for this job, as I find myself enjoying it. Sometimes I face challenges in the course of tire development, but seeing cars fitted with tires that I developed running on the road is very rewarding.

My Day

The development team I belong to collaborates with many related departments. Throughout the entire process from developing tires to supplying product to customers, we work with plants, the regional headquarters, and subsidiaries. As all of my work relates to marketing, sales, and production, I think my experience in the development team will prove useful to me in any department in the long run. At work, I usually deal with domestic business in the morning and international and customer affairs in the afternoon. Since we are working frequently with European markets nowadays, I answer requests from carmakers in Germany by 3 pm, which is when they come to work, and communicate with overseas offices and branches after that.

My Future

I dream of becoming an expert in tire development. I want to continue developing myself and also motivate the people around me. Although my daily work seems ordinary to me, my juniors are interested in learning from it. What I discover may also give fresh impetus for my seniors to look at their work from a different point of view. So, I always make an effort to learn and accept new things and share them with my colleagues. I really hope to be a tire design expert who leads and develops younger talent and gives them advice and know-how based on my experience.


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