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How We Work

Hankook Tire becomes 'The Future Driving Innovator' with Proactive Leaders.

Hankook Tire becomes 'The Future Driving Innovator' with Proactive Leaders.

Lee Sung-min

Korea Headquarters Manufacturing Team
(Daejeon Plant)

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I remember that when I was young, I used to look with a curious eye at the Hankook Tire logo on the Yeongdeungpo plant wall. My second encounter with Hankook Tire happened while I was at college studying chemical engineering. As I was attracted by Hankook Tire’s standing as the nation’s top tire company and also as an emerging global top-tier company, I later joined the company. I have worked here for a decade now and have been always proud of being a member of the company.

My Work

As part of the manufacturing team at the Daejeon plant, I am in charge of semi-finished product processes, which means producing intermediate goods for each tire component. My job is to ensure semi-finished tire products built to a variety of specifications are produced consistently and also to improve their quality. Another responsibility is to examine the safety and efficiency of my colleagues’ working environment and make improvements where needed. The benefits of working on a manufacturing team are that you can go deep inside the field, building close relationships with production workers, which can broaden the scope of your personal interactions. These features are a good fit with who I am, as I characteristically enjoy meeting and interacting with others in many different fields, so I am enjoying working here.

My Day

I get to work a little bit earlier than others to check the previous day’s production for defects. Given the nature of my work, which involves managing plant operations 24/7, I respond to all sorts of dynamic situations. I deal with not only production and quality issues, but also aspects of the environment and safety, as well as attend related meetings. In addition, I help with labor-management relations by visiting production sites to listen to and communicate with field workers on the challenges they face and improve the working environment.

My Future

A tire is a product where a range of semi-finished products are combined in complicated structure to meet a wide variety of requirements from customers. I aim to be the best tire expert by gaining experience and knowledge in the ever-developing tire industry. I can imagine myself continuing growing at Hankook Tire as the company becomes globally recognized for its advanced technology and quality. I also hope to create a workplace where all line workers enjoy their work even more in harmony and in a safe working environment.


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