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How We Work

Hankook Tire becomes 'The Future Driving Innovator' with Proactive Leaders.

Hankook Tire becomes 'The Future Driving Innovator' with Proactive Leaders.

Lim Seung-chan

Global Headquarters Racing Tire Research Team

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I completed a master’s course in mechanical engineering, and currently I do racing tire design and development. I studied mechanical engineering because of my love of cars. Back then I had a vague idea that I had to work for a car company to be an automotive engineer. During my postgraduate studies, I attended a seminar where a Hankook Tire researcher spoke and realized that I did not necessarily have to join a car company to be an automotive engineer. After that I joined Hankook Tire, attracted to the idea that I could develop and evaluate tires that enable vehicles to reach their maximum performance.

My Work

I work on the research team which not only develops racing tires, but also provides technical support to global motorsports competitions where Hankook Tire’s products are used. As I majored in the finite element method, my primary duty is doing pre-production simulations to estimate potential deformations, forces between the road surface and the tire, and the tire’s durability. I also participate in motorsports events at home and abroad as a technician by monitoring the racing environment and providing technical support to help each racing team compete under optimum conditions.

My Day

My main work is to design and develop racing tires. Tire performance can change drastically with a tiny change in design, and that is why I always find it difficult to develop good tires. Especially, the world of motorsports, where you can win or lose by a 0.001-second margin, further highlights how important tires are. I feel very rewarded when racing tires I have developed achieve outstanding test results or a driver using them stands on top on the podium, which is very addictive and something a developer of ordinary tires will not be able to feel. Outside of work, I usually read books related to motorsports and car magazines or sit behind the wheel of a racing simulator, polishing my racing instincts in order to develop better racing tires.

My Future

Joining Hankook Tire was the starting point of my vague dream of becoming the top car expert in Korea. Because my job allows me to gain firsthand experience in all processes ranging from tire design and development to production and use in motorsports, I have learned a lot about cars and auto racing. It is no exaggeration to say that most technical developments in the automotive field come from motorsports. I believe that having multifaceted experiences related to motorsports will serve as a springboard for me to realize my dream. I will continue to do my utmost at my job at the moment to get closer to becoming the nation’s best car expert.


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