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Winter RW06

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The ultimate winter tire for European commercial vans. The Winter RW06 uses silica compounds helpful in providing stability on not only snowy and icy roads, but slushy surfaces as well. Also, cutting-edge tie-bars stabilize alignment on snowy and icy roads by maximizing handling performance.

  • Performance

      Designed as a general guideline to compare among the internal Hankook products.



Tire Pattern

  • Center Straight & Two Semi Zigzag Grooves

    Based on three main grooves to secure safety on the wet road, the tire is designed to satisfy both hydroplaning performance and snow performance by accepting straight center and both sides with zigzag grooves.

  • Employing New Profile Tie-Bar

    The brand-new type of tie-bar along the wall of blocks in the shoulder part helps to secure super dry handling and ice and snow traction.

  • Cliff Groove

    Cliff groove maximizes the snow edge effect on the groove wall.

  • Cross Block System

    By crossing and linking thread blocks, alignment safety and braking performance on the ice road are secured.


Tire Structure

Wide, High-Tensile Steel Belts

Enhanced tread strength for faster steering response and longer life.

High-Strength Bead Construction

Maximum steering response, high-speed stability and durability.

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