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enfren eco (H433)

  • All Season
  • Premium

The best gas mileage rating in Europe and Japan.

Hankook Tire's flagship eco-friendly tire enfren eco has achieved the top energy efficiency rating in Korea, Japan and Europe.

Performance Driving Style

Sport Comfort
  • Awards
    • IF 2009

      IF 2009

    • GOOD DESIGN 2012

      GOOD DESIGN 2012



Tire Pattern

  • Anti-Camber Wear System

    Compares degree of wear of the circular groove on the tread's left and right to determine necessity of car alignment.

  • Noise Care Block

    Noise care block is applied to the shoulder to greatly increase quietness and cornering performance.

  • Sensitive Block

    Applies a strong center rib to the central part of the tire that comes into close contact with the road surface.

  • Eco-Friendly Design Motif

    Leaf design promotes eco-friendly image. Optimum cuff allows for evenly distributed wear.


Tire Structure

Dyna ProFET

Minimizes trade off by applying tire stiffness control profile.

Aerodynamic Sidewall Design

Minimizes wind resistance felt by tire while driving, contributes to noise reduction.

Induces Change in Sidewall Dispersion

Increases rolling resistance through change in sidewall dispersion.

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