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Ventus S1 noble2

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The premium performance all-season tire

  • Quiet, balanced ride
  • Improved handling and traction
  • Reliable braking on wet surfaces



Tire Pattern

  • Positive Aqua Hydro Block

    An advanced aqua hydro block design was developed through 3D hydroplaning simulation to provide highly efficient wet braking.

  • Cornering and Noise Reduction Rib

    A straight rib block applied to the outside of the tire helps to prevent road noise and increase cornering grip.

  • Application of 3D Kerfs

    Handling performance is improved through the use of 3D Kerf which maintain a stable shape during acceleration, braking and cornering.

  • Optimal Pitch Arrangement

    It applies the optimal five rows of pitch variation for excellent noise performance.

  • Application of Tie-Bar Technologies

    Tie-bar ensures optimal Block Stiffness.


Tire Structure

New Silica Tread Compound

Improved wet grip and lower rolling resistance.

Wide Two Steel Belts

Ensures optimal tread stiffness for improved handling performance.

Equilibrium Carcass Line Design

Minimizes tire deformation and allows greater sidewall stiffness.

Adoption of High-Hardness Bead Filler

Improved handling and steering response.

Strong Single Strand Bead Wire

Improved bead uniformity and durability.

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