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Winter i*cept evo2

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Best driving in all winter conditions

  • Improved performance in snow and winter weather
  • Confident handiling on all road conditions



Tire Pattern

  • Snow-pick traction groove

    Lateral ice ax shaped grooves have a scratching effect on roads. → Powerful snow performance by optimised lateral groove angle.

  • Zigzag traction groove

    Improves snow traction and braking performance by increasing the cross point.

  • 3D winter sipe

    Ensures optimal winter performance by minimising block movement on wet and snow roads

  • Ice grip slits

    Provides cornering performance with sub slits.

  • Wide shoulder

    Provides the best handling performance and improves grip by widened shoulder blocks compared to conventional tyres.

  • Optimised cube block

    By dividing the lateral block through semi grooves there is increased flexibility and an optimised contact area when cornering. Wet and snow handling performance is also improved.

  • Wide aqua grooves

    Improves wet performance through the use of 30% wider grooves compared to existing product.

  • Aqua slant

    Provides ultimate performance in wet conditions by increasing cross sectional area


Tire Structure

High grip silica compound

Improved snow / wet traction and lowered rolling resistance

Jointless full cover reinforced belt

Ideal tread strength.

Wide steel belt layer

Ensures optimal tread stiffness and improves handling performance.

Adoption of high-hardness bead filler

Improves handling and steering response.

Ultra high strength bead wire

Improves uniformity and durability of the bead position.

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