Hankook Tyre Supports TyreSafe

Hankook Tyres' commitment to tyre and road safety has strengthened its relationship with TyreSafe over many years and contributed to raising awareness of tyre and road safety. Hankook Tyre UK looks forward to continuing this for yet another promising year in improving safety on the roads.

Hankook Tyre UK wins TyreSafe’s Tyre Manufacturer of the Year Award for the second consecutive time.

Hankook Tyre UK was announced as the winner of road safety charity Tyresafe’s Tyre Manufacturer Award back in 2020. The award recognises the continued contribution by Hankook to raise awareness of tyre safety over the previous twelve months. Hankook was also presented with this award in 2019.


Throughout 2020 Hankook UK launched three tyre safety campaigns across social media channels including Facebook and YouTube.

These three campaigns included a ‘Summer Motoring’ campaign, collaborating with a social media influencer to inform drivers on tyre maintenance and educating drivers on the function of tyre tread, pattern differences on summer, all-season and winter tyres and also why they need to prioritise their tyre safety in anticipation of the winter weather and road conditions.


On declaring Hankook Tyre UK as TyreSafe’s 2020 winner of the Tyre Manufacturer of the Year Award 2020, TyreSafe Chair and Chair of Awards Judging, Stuart Jackson said, “Hankook’s commitment to raise awareness on tyre safety resulted in a well targeted campaign, which highlighted specific messages relevant to their core age group.


A good library of resources was created to support it resulting in a programme of clear and engaging content. Congratulations Hankook on being TyreSafe’s Tyre Manufacturer of the Year Award winner.”



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