Kontrol Technology

To realise the highest level of satisfaction in performance, riding comfort, safety, and eco-friendly driving, our goal is to continually advance our technological capability to produce tyres that perform optimally under all conditions.

Environment: Fuel efficient, eco-friendly driving

When a car uses less fuel, it lowers the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, which in turn reduces environmental pollution. Through eco-friendly technology, Hankook is developing tyres that reduce fuel use by limiting rotational resistance.

To increase efficiency, Hankook analyses the rotational resistance of each part of the tyre. Through the innovative mixing system which provides the optimum proportion of Dyna-ProFET rubber and silica, Hankook designs tyres that reduce rotational resistance and the amount of fuel used for driving without affecting the performance levels of the tyre.

In addition, Hankook is gradually replacing oil by-products, such as synthetic rubber, carbon black, and synthetic oil, with eco-friendly materials. We are also investing in the future to realise an eco-friendly environment by purifying water contaminants, reducing odours, and minimising greenhouse gas emissions due to the production process.


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