Kontrol Technology

To realise the highest level of satisfaction in performance, riding comfort, safety, and eco-friendly driving, our goal is to continually advance our technological capability to produce tyres that perform optimally under all conditions.

Performance: Confidence in driving and smooth handling in any type of road condition

For top performance and handling it is important to have balanced pressure applied to the tread where the tyre touches the road surface. Hankook utilises Optimised Contact Patch (OCP), a design system that uses computer simulation to analyse the contact point between the road and tyre. After dividing the tyre into small hexagons, we measure the pressure that is applied to each hexagon to optimise the contact surface between the tyre and the road.

In addition, the harmony between the driver and the car and its tyres is important as it allows the driver to control the vehicle safely. To maximise this synergy, Hankook has a robot engineering system which tests vehicles in the lab to assess their performance.

Through this system, Hankook’s engineers are able to measure the suspension characteristics of a vehicle and determine how tyres and road surfaces will mutually interact with each other. These tests create a close harmony between the car and tyre.



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