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Vantra ST AS2

  • truck iconVan/Transporter
  • all season iconAll-Season

Multi-performance van tyre for reliable driving in all weather conditions 3PMSF mark enables safe driving throughout all four seasons, with impressive snow and ice performance as well as smooth summer driving.


Tyre Pattern

  • Long Sipe Length

    Long sipe length enhances snow performance.

  • Optimised Sipe

    Optimal sipe length for snow performance.

  • Optimised Pitch

    Optimal pitch arrangement improves snow performance.

  • 3 Wide Aqua Channels

    The application of straight grooves to improve wet performance.

  • Open Shoulder Groove

    The open shoulders help water evacuation and wet performance.

  • Chamfer Sipe

    The contact area is widened which instantaneously improves handling performance.

  • High Stiffness Block

    Highly stiff intermediate blocks enhance braking performance.

  • Optimised Wide Tread

    4% more ground width to improve handling performance.

  • Sidewall Protect

    Strong sidewalls to protect from road damage.


Tyre Structure

Carbon black compound with kerfs

Improves snow/wet traction and braking.

Jointless full cover reinforced belt

Ideal tread strength.

Wide steel belt layer

Ensures optimal tread stiffness and improves handling performance.

Equilibrium polyester carcass line

Enhanced sidewall stiffness and durability.

Folded belt edge tape

Endurance of the belt has been enhanced.

Adoption of slim bead filler

Improves endurance of carcass and bead.

High strength bead wire

Improves uniformity and durability of the bead position.


Load Index
Speed Symbol
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
185/80R14 D C 73 100 Q
195/60R16 D C 73 97 H
195/65R16 D C 73 102 T
195/70R15 D C 73 102 R
195/75R16 D C 73 105 R
195/80R14 D C 73 104 Q
205/65R16 D C 73 105 T
205/75R16 D C 73 108 R
215/60R17 B B 73 107 H
215/65R16 D C 73 104 T
215/65R16 D C 73 107 T
215/75R16 D C 73 111 R
225/65R16 D C 73 110 R
225/70R15 D C 73 110 S
225/75R16 D C 73 120 R
235/65R16 D C 73 113 R

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