Ventus iON S

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Evolutionised to perform more

  • Double the Advantage
    : Advanced handling plus extended range
  • Aced all Grades
    : Triple A rated in EU Tyre label


Tyre Pattern

  • Advanced Handling
    : EV Contour Technology

    Tyre stiffness is essential to be improved to bear the weight of electric vehicles. Hankook's EV Contour Technology increases cornering stiffness by 10% to advance electric vehicle handling performance.

  • Extended Range
    : Optimised Curing

    The Ventus iON S (and SX) achieved the highest grade of LRR performance by applying an advanced compound and Hankook tyre’s optimized curing technology which improves all parts of the tyre equally.

  • Enhanced Wet Grip
    : Expanding Lateral Grooves

    The lateral grooves are designed narrower on the inside to reduce air-pumping noise, and wider on the outside to secure wet performance. This is another double advantage of the Ventus iON S (and SX).

  • Noise Proof Technology
    : Optimised Multi-Pitch Sequencing

    Tyre noise can be drastically reduced by optimising the pitch sequence. The Ventus iON S (and SX) has optimised the number and size of pitches to listen more to what matters.

  • Noise Proof Technology
    : Noise Absorbing Material

    By applying a noise absorbing material inside, cavity noise is decreased up to 9dB.

  • Even Tread Wear and Enhanced Mileage
    : EVolution Compound

    Composed with high-concentration silica and eco-friendly materials, the EVolution compound provides satisfactory mileage and further reduced rolling resistance.


Tyre Structure

EVolution Compound

Composed with high-concentration silica and eco-friendly materials, it provides satisfactory mileage and further reduced rolling resistance.

Aramid Hybrid Reinforcement Belt

A reinforcement belt mixed with the most advanced fibre, Aramid, is applied on the Ventus iON S (and SX) to improve steering performance and maintain an optimised shape during high-speed driving.

High Strength Steel Belt

High strength steel belts are applied to absorb impact and to improve durability and comfort.

Mono Layer Structure of fibre Stiffener

A mono layer of fibre stiffener with super turn up structure is applied to reduce rolling resistance and to improve sidewall stability.

Folded Edge Tape

Folded edge tapes are placed between belts for additional durability.

Jointless Bead Wire

Jointless bead wires help the tyre to remain safely attached to the wheel with increased binding force.


Load Index
Speed Symbol
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
225/55ZR18 B A 69 102 W
235/35ZR20 B A 69 92 Y
235/45ZR18 B A 69 98 W
245/35ZR21 B A 69 96 Y
245/45ZR19 A A 69 102 Y
245/45ZR20 B A 69 103 Y
265/35ZR21 B A 68 101 Y
285/40ZR20 A A 72 108 Y
305/30ZR21 B A 69 104 Y

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