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Optimal driving in all winter conditions

  • An all-round excellent winter player
  • Excellent control in the snow and ice
  • Advanced wet and dry performance in cold weather
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    3PMSF : 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake

  • Performance

      Designed as a general guideline to compare among the internal Hankook products.

  • Test Results


    • Magazine NameAuto Bild
    • Publication09.2020
    • Size225/45R 18


    • Magazine NameAutobild sports
    • Publication03.2020
    • Size225/40R 18
  • Awards
    2020 Reddot


    • Award2020 Reddot
    • Publication01.2020
    2020 iF


    • Award2020 iF
    • Publication11.2019


Tyre Pattern

  • Snow Pick Traction Grooves

    Unidirectional tread design in a gull wing shape improves the traction and braking performance on snow.

  • 3D winter sipe

    Serrated winter sipe improves braking performance in winter driving. This special sipe enhances driving stability by minimising block movement.

  • Water Pipe Kerf

    The water pipe kerf placed inside the shoulder block improves performance on wet surfaces by efficiently transporting water out of the main groove.

  • Aqua pine compound

    Maximising wet and snow grip by adopting highly refined resin.


Tyre Structure

Advanced silica compound for wet performance

The high loading silica compound provides an increased wet performance. Natural ingredients ensure the rubber’s flexibility in a wide temperature range.

Application of High Strength Steel Belt Wire

A full cover steel layer increases the tread stiffness and keeps straight stability even throughout powerful acceleration. The application of special edge covers improve steering response.

Increased the number of steel belt cords

Additional steel belt cords improve handling performance.

Dual layer fibre stiffener

The dual structure of the carcass fibre stiffener provides tyre durability and stress resistance.

High Strength Bead Wire

The extra high tensile bead wire provides driving stability even throughout powerful acceleration.


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Load Index
Speed Symbol
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
205/55R19 C B 72 97 H
215/45R18 E B 72 93 V
215/50R18 C B 72 92 V
215/55R18 C B 72 99 V
215/60R17 C B 72 96 H
225/35R19 E B 72 88 W
225/40R18 E B 72 92 V
225/40R19 E B 72 93 V
225/45R18 E B 72 95 V
225/45R19 E B 72 96 V
225/50R18 C B 72 99 V
225/60R17 C B 72 103 V
225/60R17 C B 72 99 H
235/35R19 E B 72 91 W
235/35R20 C B 72 92 W
235/40R18 C B 72 95 V
235/40R19 C B 72 96 V
235/45R17 C B 72 97 V
235/45R18 E B 72 98 V
235/45R19 C B 72 99 V
235/50R17 E B 72 100 V
245/30R20 E B 72 90 W
245/35R19 E B 72 93 W
245/40R17 E B 72 95 V
245/40R18 C B 72 97 V
245/40R19 E B 72 98 V
245/45R17 C B 72 99 V
245/45R18 E B 72 100 V
245/45R19 C B 72 102 V
245/45R20 C B 72 103 V
245/50R18 C B 72 104 V
245/55R17 C B 72 102 V
255/35R19 C B 73 96 V
255/35R21 E B 73 98 W
255/40R18 E B 73 99 V
255/40R19 C B 73 100 V
255/40R20 C B 73 101 W
255/45R18 C B 73 103 V
255/45R19 C B 73 104 W
275/30R20 E B 72 97 V
275/35R19 C B 73 100 V
275/35R20 C B 73 102 W
275/40R19 C B 73 105 V
295/30R20 C B 75 101 W
295/30R21 E B 75 102 W

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