e-cube blue al20

e-cube Blue AL20

All-position, long haul tyre with low rolling resistance and superb fuel efficiency Through the use of premium technologies, the e-cube Blue AL20 offers high fuel efficiency, even wear and excellent traction. The newly developed tread pattern reduces rolling resistance and the smart shoulder block design reduces abnormal tread wear

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Tyre Pattern

  • Stepped groove

    Groove wall step feature prevents block deformation and gives reinforcement between tread blocks.

  • Irregular wear prevention sipe

    Multiple sipes prevent irregular wear by dispersing stress to the groove edge.

  • Optimised block size

    The wide tread block sustains block stiffness, providing better driving stability and reduced rolling resistance.

  • 3-dimensional sipe

    Provides excellent traction and increased mileage.


Tyre Structure

Belt structure

The use of high rigidity belt cord minimises belt deformity to maintain an even contact patch. This results in better grip and even tread wear.

Carcass structure

Enhanced casing endurance through the use of premium carcass cord with improved wear resistance.

New sub tread & sidewall compound

Fuel efficiency is improved by applying a new sub-tread compound that reduces rolling resistance.

Casing endurance is enhanced by using a new sidewall compound which improves wear resistance and anticrack performance.

Measuring Rim
Overall Diameter
Section Width
Tread Width
Tread Depth
Static Loaded Radius
Tyre Labelling Class
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
Noise Level
385/55R22 160K TL 18 11.75 996 379 324 11.6 465 A C 70

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