e-cube max dl20w

e-cube Max DL20W

Fuel efficient, reliable and high mileage drive axle tyre for long haul applications Through the use of premium technologies, the e-cube MAX DL20W offers fuel efficiency, durability, traction and low rolling resistance for long haul applications.

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    M + S : Mud + Snow

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    3PMSF : 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake

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Tyre Pattern

  • Centre Zigzag Groove

    The centre zizag grooves create a binding effect on each tread block contributing to better rolling resistance and traction.

  • Optimised Block Size

    The wider tread block enhances the rigidity and reduces the tyre's rolling resistance.

  • Hidden Groove

    As the hidden grooves only appear at the end of the tyre's lifespan, they ensure good wet and traction performance are kept at a maximum.

  • Self-Regeneration Sipe

    As the tyre wears, sipes and grooves are revealed to ensure grip is kept to a maximum.

  • 3D Sipe

    Full depth 3D sipes maintain excellent mileage and traction during the tyre's lifespan by reinforcing interlocking between the tyre's tread blocks.


Tyre Structure

Belt Structure

The use of high rigidity belt cords minimise the deformation of the belt to maintain a flat tread profile on the road, delivering improved grip and even tread wear.

Carcass Structure

Enhanced carcass endurance by using new carcass cords to improve wear resistance.

New Sub Tread Compound

Fuel efficiency is improved by applying a new sub tread compound that significantly reduces the tyre's rolling resistance.

New Sidewall Compound

Enhanced casing endurance by applying new sidewall compound with improved wear resistance and anti-crack performance.

Measuring Rim
Overall Diameter
Section Width
Tread Width
Tread Depth
Static Loaded Radius
Tyre Labelling Class
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
Noise Level
295/60R22.5 150/147L TL 16 9.0 920 288 268 13 432 B C 72
295/60R22.5 150/147L TL 18 9.0 920 288 268 13 432 B C 72
315/60R22.5 152/148L TL 16 9.75 951 318 290 13.4 446 B C 72
315/70R22.5 154/150L TL 18 9.0 1012 314 290 14.6 471 B C 72
315/80R22.5 156/150L TL 20 9.0 1079 318 280 15 499 B C 72

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