smart city au04+

Smart City AU04+

Innovative urban bus tyre for high mileage in stop-and-go traffic The AU04+ is designed to be utilised in an urban city bus application. The tyre utilises its 3-dimensional siping technology in order to increase tread block stiffness while also allowing for excellent handling and traction performance. This feature also helps prevent heel and toe wear, which is an essential feature in an environment that requires stop and go driving.

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Tyre Pattern

  • Shoulder Rib

    Optimised shoulder rib width, removed tread shoulder lug and sipe:
    - Improved handling and driving stability performance
    - Prevents shoulder edge chip-cut & irregular wear.

  • 3 Dimensional Kerf

    Inner block, three dimensional wave in X, Y, and Z directions.
    This improves traction, handling and mileage performance by increasing block stiffness.

  • 3 Dimensional Kerf

    Prevents heel and toe wear.

  • Multi-Zigzag Groove

    Zigzag grooves together with an optimal block arrangement provide an improved traction performance.


Tyre Structure

Belt structure

Minimised motion of belt for low heat generation.

Carcass structure

Minimised tyre deformation with optimised
foot print offers control on uneven surfaces.

Improved bead

Minimum bead mobility for maximum retreadability.

Measuring Rim
Overall Diameter
Section Width
Tread Width
Tread Depth
Static Loaded Radius
Tyre Labelling Class
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
Noise Level
275/70R22.5 150/148J TL 18 8.25 970.5 278.5 230 18.7 453 D B 67
275/70R22.5 150/148J TL 18 8.25 970.5 278.5 230 19 453 D B 67
315/60R22.5 154/148J TL 16 9.75 951 321 270 13.1 446 C B 73

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