smart control dw07

Smart Control DW07

Drive tyre for maximum grip on snowy and icy conditions Optimized pentagon blocks and a saw-toothed edge design provide maximum grip on snowy and icy conditions.

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    M + S : Mud + Snow

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    3PMSF : 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake

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    Long haul

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Tyre Pattern

  • High-Density Wavy Kerf

    Snow grip and traction is maximised even after the intermediate period of wear. This is due to seven blades being in each block which extends the total block edge length.

  • Multi 3-Dimensional Kerf

    Enhanced block stiffness is achieved through applying 3D kerfs which maximise the edge effect.

  • Zig-Zag Traction Grooves

    Snow traction and braking performance is improved by expanding the point of intersection through three zigzag grooves.

  • 2 Step Tie-Bar

    Preventing the circumferential blocks from leaning whilst ensuring block stiffness is enabled with an interlinking step-tie bar increasing the stability of high-speed driving. Block stiffness is maintained after the intermediate period of wear.

  • Triangle Locking Edge

    Rolling is reduced through minimal movement between blocks achieved by four semi-grooves. Enhanced traction is therefore obtained which provides increased mileage.

  • Saw-Toothed Edge Design

    Braking is improved on icy and snowy road surfaces by maximising the edge effect.

  • Auxiliary Ice Grip Slits

    Cornering performances on snowy roads is improved through auxiliary claw-shaped slits on the shoulder.

  • Wide Tread Width

    Increased by 8% compared to the previous product.

  • Optimized Pentagon Block

    The enlarged pentagon block is optimized for winter performance by evenly distributing the load across the surface area.

Measuring Rim
Overall Diameter
Section Width
Tread Width
Tread Depth
Static Loaded Radius
Tyre Labelling Class
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
Noise Level
295/80R22.5 152/148L TL 16 9.0 1064 305 266 20.5 493 D C 72
315/70R22.5 154/150L TL 18 9.0 1018 313 282 17.5 474 D C 72
315/70R22.5 154/150L TL 18 9.00 1018 313 282 17.5 474 D C 72
315/80R22.5 156/150L TL 18 9.0 1087 316 272 20.3 503 D C 72

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