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Welcome to the Hankook press room, where you can access the latest news on Hankook and our industry.

Welcome to the Hankook press room, where you can access the latest news on Hankook and our industry.
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Hankook Technology Group’s Model Solution Opens ‘CMF LAB’ to Demonstrate Industrial Design Trends

Seoul, Korea, Feb 24, 2020 – Hankook Technology Group's state-of-the-art prototype and production solution company Model Solution (CEO Woo Byungil) announced that it has opened its ‘CMF LAB,’ which introduces the latest industrial design trends and demonstrates applications of various materials in different products.


The CMF LAB, located at the headquarters of Model Solution, is a space that introduces trends in society and industry across three key elements of design: color, material and finish. The lab has been built to provide inspiration for product development with Model Solution’s unique and leading insight and interpretation.


The CMF LAB consists of six different sections, including ‘Mega Trend,’ ‘Model Solution Insight,’ ‘Generals CMF and Unique CMF,’ ‘Color District,’ and ‘Discovery’. Each section displays a variety of design elements related to CMF, from the latest design trends, Pantone color trends, insight and ideas from Model Solutions, to leading projects. Model Solution plans to utilize the CMF LAB as a strategic stepping stone for new business expansion.


In addition to the opening of CMF LAB, the company will work with world-renowned British design studio ‘Chris Lefteri Design’ to produce a ‘CMF Package Box’ featuring colors, materials and finishes of the latest trend.


The CMF Package Box will showcase the two companies' expertise across a wide range of design processes, ranging from predicting future design trends, to choosing colors, materials and finishes, to making packages, and will be used to present insight and inspiration for future trends to designers and companies.


Chris Lefteri Design is a material expert design studio run by the renowned material designer Chris Lefteri, supporting designers who are considering colors, materials and finishes at the center of the design process and using materials creatively. The studio provides material consulting services to the world's leading multinational companies in various fields, including the automobile, electronics and sports industries.


Hankook Technology Group acquired Model Solution in May 2018 to expand the group's business model and has set out to strengthen its competitiveness as an innovative company to secure the group's inorganic growth and future growth engines. The opening of the CMF Lab is part of Model Solution’s expansion in both product development and mass production, as it grows into a total solution company through its cutting-edge technology and one-stop solution platform to play a key role in securing future growth engines.


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