Optimo H426

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The premium all-season tire: satisfies the strict performance requirements of automakers A star product acknowledged by many automakers, the Optimo H426 is outstanding in all aspects including quiet driving, smooth ride, grip, improved fuel economy and snow performance.

  • winter_ms

    M + S : Mud + Snow


Tire Pattern

  • Wet and dry traction

    Computer optimized profile enhances handling performance.

  • Four circumferential grooves

    Allow exceptional wet performance.

  • Rib type shoulder block

    Promotes improved water evacuation resulting in better wet grip.

  • Diamond shaped block design

    Helps traction performance by allowing water evacuation on wet surfaces while maintaining stiffness required for dry handling.


Tire Structure

Base tread compound

Absorbs shock from the road and offers better comfort.

Two wide steel belts

Deliver stable steering and cornering.

High stiffness bead filler

Offers improved steering response and handling.


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Ply Rating
Load Index
Speed Symbol
OE Fitment
Tread Wear
175/65R15 04 84 H 400 A A BMW Mini
185/60R15 04 84 H 380 A A FORD Fiesta
195/65R15 04 91 S 440 A A TOYOTA Corolla
195/50R16 04 84 H 440 A A FORD Fiesta
Runflat 195/55R16 04 87 V 400 A A BMW Mini
P195/55R16 04 86 T 440 A A KIA Rio
P205/55R16 04 89 H 440 A A HYUNDAI Elantra
P205/65R16 04 94 H 440 A A HYUNDAI Hybrid
P215/60R16 04 94 T 640 B A NISSAN Altima
205/45R17 04 84 V 440 A A KIA Rio
Runflat 205/45R17 04 88 V 400 A A BMW Mini
P215/45R17 04 87 H 440 A A KIA Forte
235/55R18 04 100 H 440 A A KIA Sportage
P225/40R18 04 88 V 440 A A KIA Forte
P225/45R18 04 91 V 440 A A KIA Rondo
P245/45R18 04 96 V 440 A A HYUNDAI Azera
P245/50R18 04 99 V 440 A A KIA K900
P245/40R19 04 94 V 440 A A HYUNDAI Azera
P245/45R19 04 98 V 440 A A KIA K900
P275/40R19 04 101 V 440 A A KIA K900
255/45R20 04 101 V 440 A A FORD Flex,
P255/50R20 04 104 H 440 A A FORD Explorer

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    Optimo H426(H426)

    The premium all-season tire:···



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