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smart work am15

Smart Work AM15

On and off road all position tyre maximised for longer mileage The AM15 is built for strength, traction and long life. The wider, deeper grooves with enhanced stone ejector platforms prevent stone drilling and maximise removal mileage. An enhanced tread compound and a four-belt structure yields outstanding durability, whilst the applied tie-bars prevent irregular wear and reduces noise.

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    M + S : Mud + Snow

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    Regional haul

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    On & Off Road

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Tire Pattern

  • Extra-wide tread blocks & deep grooves

    Extra-wide tread blocks and deep grooves ensure ultra high mileage.

  • Optimized tie-bar

    Open shoulder blocks with optimized tie-bar prevents irregular wear and provides excellent traction performance for off-road conditions.

  • Extra-wide grooves

    Extra-wide grooves are designed for excellent stone rejection and improved traction.


Tire Structure

Belt structure

Optimized kerf arrangement has minimized uneven abrasion.

Carcass structure

Shoulder width has been expanded to increase the stiffness on the shoulder area.

Improved bead

Improved bead has raised the balance of the center and the stiffness of shoulder rib block.


Measuring Rim
Overall Diameter
Section Width
Tread Width
Tread Depth
Static Loaded Radius
265/70R19.5 TL 18 7.50 34 10.00 9 20 16
275/70R22.5 TL 16 8.25 38 11.00 9 23 18
385/65R22.5 TL 18 11.75 43 15.00 12 24 20
425/65R22.5 TL 20 13.00 45 17.00 13 23 21
425/65R22.5 TL 20 12.25 45 17.00 13 23 21
445/65R22.5 TL 20 14.00 46 18.00 14 24 21

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